Beginner Poi Course

This course is perfect if you are new to poi spinning or know a few tricks and would like to learn more moves, understand how to link them together, work on your technique and choreography and become a skilled spinner quickly.

Intermediate Poi Course

This course is perfect if you have completed the Beginner Course or are already adept at poi spinning and would like to learn more challenging moves, develop your own spinning style and create your own fire spinning routine/choreography.

Fire Course

This course is perfect if you have completed Beginners & Intermediate Courses, are adept at spinning and skilled at linking moves and and would like to develop your choreographic skills and be involved in a group fire spinning performance. Please note this is an Advanced Course - To do this Course you MUST be an experienced fire spinner, be able to do all tricks from both Courses and have a solid level of confidence and skill as a spinner.

Fire Fans Course

This Special Intensive Course (2 week Course) in Fire Fans is perfect for Beginners or those that have some previous experience with fire fan dancing and are looking for a new challenge, are keen to learn the basics and begin to explore their own choreography and technique. Just bring your Fire Fans and prepare to have some spinning fun!

Private Lessons

Sometimes clients require more focused attention and support and are better suited to learning on a one-on-one basis or are unable to make our course due to busy schedules and prefer the freedom of choosing when and where to learn to spin. Private lessons offer you the opportunity tolearn at your own pace, giving you time to fully explore the various spinning concepts within your own timeframe. If you are interested in having either private lessons, or lessons with you and a few friends, we can offer private lessons at a mutually agreed venue.